I haven’t gotten on tumblr in days. I miss getting on tumblr & seeing your crazy posts delajazz & then talkin about them the next day. What am I gonna do without you. Who am I gonna go to lunch dates to Johnny’s or go get pedicures with. Who’s gonna listen to my same story over & over. & tell me things straight out like you would. I miss you I wish you could come back. But I know you girls are happy that you’re together & I hope you’re watching down on us & taking care of us. I love you & I miss you so much every day! ❤️🙏💔😔

delajazz I thought it was a bad dream & I was gonna wake up to your texts!😔 but it’s not! & you’re gone. I can’t do it I can’t let you go & accept the fact that you’re not here with us. I know you’re looking down on us with a smile on your face.
People if you’re out there driving please please be careful. Do the stop signs follow the driving laws because you don’t only put your life at risk you’re putting others as well. & that’s what happened with my sister. She was taken too soon. delajazz I miss you! & I’m never gonna forget you. I promise. I love you.❤️🙏😔❤️😘

delajazz RIP my beautiful sister! My heart hurts so much right now to think you’re gone & I didn’t get to say goodbye! I know you’re watching down on us & I know you’re gonna be our guardian angel. I love you so much & I miss you tons already!❤️❤️🙏😔

Not even gonna bother hitting up anyone anymore. It should work both ways!

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